Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic-dentistryGlendora dentist Dr. Viviane Haber, DDS, understands that cosmetic dentistry isn’t just about giving someone a beautiful new smile. What’s important are the benefits that come when you don’t have to hide behind closed lips. Having crooked, stained, broken, or worn teeth can make even the most self-assured person sink into depression, feel anxious, or lose confidence.

As a leading Glendora dentist with over three decades of experience in the art of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Haber is a smile maker with an eye for symmetry. She knows how to blend in subtle nuances that make each transformed smile unique and full of personality. The Glendora dentist utilizes both tried and true techniques as well as innovative dental procedures to leave each patient with pearly whites that are as gorgeous on the outside as they are functional on the inside.

Dr. Haber’s Glendora dentist office specializes in correcting overcrowding, missing, malformed, and gapped teeth. Dr. Viviane Haber, DDS, employs the most advanced cosmetic dental techniques including veneers, bonding, implants, and orthodontics to put the spark back into each patient’s smile.

Ongoing Care

Dr. Haber believes that the perfect smile starts with healthy teeth. She recommends a biannual maintenance schedule for preventative care following any cosmetic procedure. These exams help the Glendora dentist spot and correct potential issues with her patients’ newly minted smiles.

Don’t let an uninviting smile stand in the way of a happy life. Call Glendora dentist Dr. Viviane Haber, DDS, today for a mouthful of fantastic!